SOLAR LED Street Lights SLS Series

Our SLA series All in one LED Street light integrate the solar panel, LED Street Light, Battery and charge controller etc these together, and make it easy to install and transport.

We have mature processing technology of LED light fixtures. Make sure all our LED Street lights high quality and long time service.

This SLA LED Street Lights adopt Philips LED Chip, Chips lumen is more than 150lm/W. and make sure the fixture lumen more than 100lm/W.

SLA Series all in one solar LED Street Light is designed with motion sensor, when detect human, car etc moving, it will work at 100% power, or it will work at 10% or 20% power..

All in one solar LED Street Light work without connecting electric supply save much more energy.

1. Use the spare parts to install the street light on the pole, see the following pictures.

2. After installation, turn on the A-A switch (the switch is Near the handle).

3. This all in one street adopt radar sensor, can detect human, car etc moving. Here is the detail

A: In Daytime, Street light Auto OFF,Turn into charging state.

B: In evening, When detect Moving objects, Full power lighting.

C: In evening, no moving objects, turn in to saving mode (10% Power or 20% power)

Applications: Widely used in the trunk road, highway, overhead road, city street, bridges,sidewalks road lighting and the square, Schools, residential areas, industrial areas, parks etc.

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